What’s been happening at MadSkills?

Next month, we hit the one year anniversary of our soft launch to the military spouse community and our employer portal/DirectHire launch anniversary is coming up in October. We’ve had lots of questions about how everything is going? Here is a quick glance:...

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  1. vanesha.corpening on

    I am looking forward to potentially working closely with MadSkills and/or finding a great company to work for through this awesome organization. I would love more information into finding out how to tap into being a potential speaker at various forums for military spouses which gives them the necessary tools they may need in order to fit in as a spouse. I am interested in writing a book to tell my experiences about how I managed to get through various PCS moves, deployments, raise kids w/ and w/o dad., etc. I just want to utilize my skills and be a helping hand to those who need it.

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