In today’s digital world, professionals are demanding flexibility. MadSkills creates virtual jobs for professionals that allow you to earn a living, where you are, wherever you are.

Step One

Create your profile

Be creative and showcase all of the skills sets you possess (hard and soft) but fashioned with clarity and purpose. When we search to fill a staffing position or you apply to a direct employer, your profile is the first thing seen! List your professional background and experience that highlight your strengths as someone able to thrive in a virtual work environment

Step Two

Find the perfect virtual job

Search through and apply to any open jobs that match your skill set. Our MadSkills Core Team also searches through profiles daily to match jobs for our virtual talent on demand customers.

Virtual Talent on Demand

These customers come to MadSkills ready for the full virtual hiring experience to be handled by the MadSkills Team. We source these positions internally, as our Core Team filters and searches through profiles to identify the top candidate for each position. The MadSkills Core Team reaches out directly to gauge availability, interest, and pre-vet before delivering to a customer team. When you see an open position on the site with the MadSkills logo, that is a position we are sourcing to fill for our virtual talent team customers. If selected, these candidates work directly with our team and work for our customers.

Direct Access Employers

These customers come to MadSkills to directly post their open virtual positions on our site but maintain responsibility for all interviewing and hiring. A Direct Access Employer hires internally to their team or company. These customers and jobs are pre-vetted before jobs are opened to the community.