Because virtual work is our passion and matching virtual professionals with companies is what we do best! Since our launch in fall of 2016, we’ve worked with over a hundred companies to narrow in on what quality delivery of a virtual and talented team means. Our method of virtual team creation and delivery has several components that are designed to ease the pain of finding talent and maintaining a virtual workforce.

Unique Talent Community

You’ll hear people say talent is hard to find. We believe people just often miss the talent sitting right in front of them, living next door to them, or just haven’t had the opportunity to connect to someone living thousands of miles away. Our company was founded by Army spouses who’s lifestyles and self-built careers demanded innovation and communication in the virtual space to survive and thrive.


Culture Fit, Personality and Skills Matching

We are big on the right talent for the right company. And that doesn’t just stop at the skill set and experience involved in the job description. Small details like the tone of a writer or the feel of a graphic designer matter. We’ve designed an application and vetting process to help narrow in on the top candidates for every new customer that joins the MadSkills community.

A few example of these types of questions include:

  • Describe your ideal work culture using only song titles.
  • What superpower will you bring to your client?
  • Describe the level of management and direction that will bring forth your best work and provide a pop culture character that embodies your answer.

Virtual Work System

One of the biggest questions out there is how to manage a happy, productive virtual team. We developed a virtual work communication system using software/technology platforms such as Slack, Trello, and Zoom to be sure communication lines are open and work is flowing day to day. If you’ve never used these tools – no worries. Our account managers and customer success team run through a brief onboarding call once the candidate has been selected and can answer any questions at that time.




Onboarding + Payroll Included

Hiring outside of your organization can be daunting but in working with us you won’t need to worry about onboarding or payroll for the virtual professional/s.  We use a combination of HR and payroll tools like Gusto and Tsheets to track work, deliver reports, run billing, and deliver invoices. You’ll see invoices from us on the 1st and the 15th of the month that align with your contract terms and we take care of paying out directly to those working with you.