Wise Advise + Assist Team Hired a Military Spouse with MadSkills

Diana Jaquith
Co-Founder, Wise Advise + Assist Team

Wise Advise + Assist Team is a team of military spouse professionals who help businesses thrive. Many companies want to grow but don’t want to add full-time employees. We offer contracting and consulting services like bookkeepers, web designers, developers, copywriters, digital marketers, booking agents, and more. What a company can’t do, we can, with our talented military spouse team.

Wise Advise + Assist Team hired ToAnh Tran from the MadSkills platform for remote work. She joined our team as a web developer. ToAnh does a great job working on client websites and collaborating with our web design manager to ensure a smooth user experience.

ToAnh is not only a web developer but an outstanding teammate and has brought great value to our team. Everyone loves working with her, and she truly gets our mission. She’s even developing an apprenticeship program for military spouses who want to learn how to code!

Real-Life Example: A Day in the Life of a Remote Web Developer

ToAnh’s Daily Tasks:

– Writing HTML, CMS, and JavaScrip

– Performing quality assurance for multiple websites

– IT due diligence for clients

– Troubleshooting, debugging, testing

ToAnh’s MadSkills:

– Expert in user interface design (UI)

– Wireframes and prototypes

– HTML and CSS

– Javascript, Ruby, Python, PHP

– WordPress, Joomla, or other common hosting platforms

Traditional Office Job vs. Remote Job

Traditional Office Job

Traditionally, web developers work on specific projects within a particular technology. These projects are slow and time-consuming because most everything is created from scratch.

Remote Job

Today, remote web developers work solo or part of a small team. Teams usually consist of a project manager, copywriter, graphic designer, etc. Assigned projects are fast paced and require frequent updates. Most coders have an expertise but are fully stacked with mad tech skills. They rely on libraries and templates to streamline common processes and components.

Looking for qualified candidates to add to your team? MadSkills is the only platform to outsource directly to military spouses. Find highly educated and self-motivated spouses located around the globe. They’ll make a great addition to your team. Hire a military spouse for a leg up on the competition.

Since we hire exclusively Military Spouses, MadSkills was a natural choice. Being able to see the amazing resumes and talents of the MadSkills applicant pool has blown us away. What a FANTASTIC hire ToAnh has been! Thanks, MadSkills!

Diana Jaquith

Co-Founder, Wise Advise + Assist Team

Hire the best. Hire a military spouse.

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